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A world of opportunity awaits you

Freelance journalism is a lot of fun and offers the opportunity for individual freedom, self-expression and financial gain.

Even if you are just starting out on your own writing adventure, this course is specifically structured for students with no experience in the field of journalism. The College welcomes beginning journalists/writers as the world is constantly in need of new talent.
Journalists are not born, they are taught. And, the simple truth is that it’s not that difficult. Given an interest in writing, a little motivation and a willingness to learn, this course will equip you with the professional knowledge and skills required to succeed as a freelance journalist.”
In constructing this course, the British College of Journalism has created one of the few opportunities for those not currently involved in the industry to become paid professionals with a range of work opportunities at their fingertips.
This course takes you through every aspect of the profession - from developing story ideas and turning them into the finished product, through to the business of selling what you have created.
Remember, you need no specialised skill or qualification to become a successful freelancer. All you need is the desire to succeed.

What equipment do you need to do the course?

The College does not issue a list of required materials as students can work within their own budget. Course fees cover all learning materials, assessments, and student support. We only suggest that you consider budgeting for basic necessities such as a notebook, pens, internet and computer access. As the course is delivered and completed entirely online, we recommend that our students are able to access the internet and are familiar with using a computers or mobile device.